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Baltic Assist app developers don't just write code, they create digital solutions that cater to your specific needs. With a keen understanding of the latest industry trends and cutting-edge technologies, they can design, develop, and maintain applications that drive your business forward.

They communicate effectively, provide regular updates, and collaborate seamlessly with your in-house teams. This ensures that your project stays on track, within budget, and meets your business objectives.

Why Choose Baltic Assist Virtual App Developers?

Cost Savings

Virtual app developers are often a cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time, in-house app developers.

Quick Start

Virtual app developers can start working on your project promptly, reducing development time.


Easily adjust your development team size based on project needs, ensuring flexibility and cost efficiency.

Latest Technologies

Benefit from developers who stay updated with the latest app development tools and technologies.

Focus on Strategy

Outsourcing app development allows your team to focus on strategy and other core business functions.


From 17.25 € per hour
Part-time Virtual Employee
84 hours per month
From 1449 € per month
No additional costs
From 13.57 € per hour
Full-Time Virtual Employee
168 hours per month
From 2280 € per month
No additional costs
Custom Pricing
Example of 4 FTE's team
Virtual or in-house department
Different positions on the project
Money back guarantee

Delegate Your App Development Tasks to a Virtual App Developer

With a virtual app developer, you can delegate tasks that don't require your expertise, enabling you to concentrate on the vision and innovation of your app. Our developers can assist with coding, UI/UX design, app testing, and other crucial app development tasks, allowing you to streamline your development process.

Simple steps to get dedicated virtual employee

1. Free Consultation

Send us an inquiry and we will personally contact you within 24 hours to discuss your business needs.

2. Provide Solution

We will provide a solution for your business with prices and then wait for your approval.

3. Select a Candidate

We will select and present the most suitable candidates for your business.

4. Go Live!

Immediately, after selection, the chosen candidate is ready to work for you. All you have to do now is provide tasks and duties that the specialist can carry out for the firm.

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