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Any employee you need, no hassles

Whether you need a low-level assistant or highly-trained specialist, you get them without spending time and energy on the hassles of hiring and having employees. They’ll be just like a normal employee (working from home)—this isn’t some outsourced assistant service.


Save money, more opportunities, flat fee

You’ll save so much money you can hire two people where your competitors can only afford one. Or you can hire more specialized people who would normally be too expensive. The employees create new opportunities and increase your resources, instead of draining them. You pay a flat fee each month—no hidden or additional employer costs.

Scandinavian work ethic without Scandinavian issues

They have Scandinavian work ethic, so you won’t be surprised by different expectations or standards. But you avoid dealing with HR questions and the constraints and hassles labor laws create for the employer.

We are a GDPR compliant business

Carefully selected staff

Our team consists of carefully hand-picked employees, who are professionals in their field. Baltic virtual assistants are well-trained to work remotely, and you will be amazed by their work results.

Language skills

Although our corporate working language is English, our staff is fluent in different languages as well. Do you require foreign language skills? Glad to hear it! We are also fluent in Spanish, French, German, Russian & Polish.

Global customers

We are working remotely, it does matter for us where our customer is established. Most of our customers are based in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, US and Switzerland.

Working with Baltic Assist, we enjoy having super-quick response to all our queries and have the whole work handled in a very professional manner.

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