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the challenge
Every business faces numerous challenges daily. One in particular and a pervasive problem at that is finding and implementing cost-efficient administrative/HR/management solutions without compromising in quality. Employing real people to carry out tasks is arguably the most expensive part of any business and here is where you need to be creative. Cheap solutions are hard to come by, and competent specialists do take a toll on your budget to maintain and provide for. If you are concerned about hiring specialists in specific fields, do not be. Baltic Assist has you covered!
We can offer virtual assistance services for any business. It is a method for reducing the cost of employment by finding competent outsource solutions. We do virtual/remote bookkeeping, graphic design, business analysis, customer service representation, IT development and much much more. On-demand, Baltic Assist can provide the best solution to the challenge of finding competent yet affordable services. In our experience, due to our affordable and reasonable flat-fee oriented pricing, clients were able to reduce the cost of keeping books and maintaining a team of specialists by a staggering margin of upwards of 80%. Baltic Assist connects people with skills to the companies with the need. It is a mutually beneficial partnership because we allow your company to have flexibility while working with us. Check out our website to see our case studies about other clients and their successes working with us. Choosing a virtual assistant is something in between freelance and full-time employment in-house. While with a freelance specialist you do have reasonable pricing, it is far from a guaranteed home-run in terms of quality. Besides, there are schedule-related differences that could be quite troubling long-term or during a turbulent period. In comparison, full-time employment eliminates all of the latter worries. But the hourly rates on specialists for hire are almost twice as large as with freelancers. Also, while you hold an open position and conduct interviews – there is no one to fill in that void, leaving a gap in your organization. The problem is time, and employment can take up to 6 weeks. There is also an option to find an online agency, designated to carry out specific tasks. This seems like a professional way to go until you see the invoice for their services. It becomes tremendously expensive thus is unaffordable for smaller businesses and startups. So, each has their benefits but also brings a particular set of challenges making them not suited for everyone. Personal assistants for hire through Baltic Assist brings only the best of all worlds. An affordable quote, availability on-demand, flexible work schedules as well as a flat-fee service charge make sure you minimize costs for maximum results.

Options to hire a virtual assistant, tailored to match your exact needs!

Case Studies

Customer success managers

Our Danish client approached us with a problem. There were two high-rent, high-overhead business locations with a substantial need for a talented administrative staff. The catch – it had to not take a large toll on the company’s finances, e.g. payroll. Baltic Assist connected the client with our team of senior customer service managers, who, through proving themselves as reliable, results-driven employees, graduated to the ranks of client's key account managers across the EU, where they remain today.

Business development representatives

Our Norwegian client was eager to hire business development assistants. The effective generation of leads, insightful market research and integration of collaboration and teamwork-oriented networks like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hunter, Scrapp, and PersistIQ were required. We teamed them up with one of our analysts – a true professional who combined deep research skills with an analytical mindset & was able to hone in on the details. Currently, Baltic Assist's analyst plays a prominent role in closing client's top deals.

Graphic designers

Danish client was actively seeking a graphic designer. The requirements? A designer must be skilled and knowledgeable in Adobe software and e-book design. That is exactly when the company encountered Baltic Assist. We set them up with one of our proven, passionate professionals; an agent skilled in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and several other design platforms. Nowadays this agent supports both client's production and marketing activities, allowing them to focus on customer support.

Customer service representatives

One of our Danish customers wanted customer service support for its product in the UK market via telephone and email representatives. At Baltic Assist, we put together a team of warm, interpersonal, and customer-centric professionals. Since being approved to work for the client, that team has handled over 50,000 and counting customer service issues throughout the UK.

Compliance analysts

One of the largest corporations in the world needed to perform third-party compliance screening of their partners. This had to be done via cloud-based compliance tools, such as Compliance-Link and LexisNexis. The specialist we provided brought some incredible data analysis and processing skills, professional endurance, & a law degree to the table. In total, our analyst processed over 100,000 third-party checks for the client.

IT Developers

One of the leading Swedish advertisement management companies encountered a problem related to IT team scaling. The customer emphasized and preferred a partner in close proximity. They wanted a partner, who could set up a nearshore IT development team. Baltic Assist arranged and procured front end, back end, iOS and Android developers. Our Swedish partner quickly integrated the team into daily operations and was able to successfully upscale their business. Not only they benefited from the quality and level of developers but also of pricing benefits that nearshoring brings in.
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How It Works
1. Needs.
We contact to discuss your personnel needs. The more detail you can provide, the more appropriate solutions will be implemented.
2. Signing an agreement.
We sign a mutual agreement on a confirmed quote and the search for employees begins.
3. Selecting a candidate.
We round out numerous candidates with appropriate qualification ASAP. You interview them and choose one (or more if you are building a team) to work with!
4. Start working.
The virtual assistant is ready to get going. All you have to do now is provide tasks and duties that the specialist can carry out for the firm.
Compare Baltic Assist With Other Alternatives!

Hire Your Own Employee

Priced at or near 3500 euros/month.
Work can begin only after the employee is hired & trained– as long as 4-6 weeks.
Should a replacement employee be needed, you must restart the process.
Uses valuable time and resources
Incur additional monthly expenses providing office space and technology /resources to new hires

Why Work With Baltic Assist?

Priced at 1800 euros/month.
Services can begin immediately after signing a contract.
No hassle employee exchange – just email us, and we'll secure a replacement.
We take care of the entire HR/hiring process.
With Baltic Assist, there are never any additional/hidden fees.

Find a Specialized Freelancer

Costs range from 4100 euros /month.
Work can begin only after the freelancer is vetted and hired, typically 1-2 weeks.
Turnover rates with freelancers are high. They have little commitment to your company.
Freelance website ratings and reviews are often misleading.
Expect fees ranging from 5-20%.
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