Financial Statement Processing Services

We provide a wide range of accounting and reporting services, from day-to-day accounting to preparing the financial statements and reports required to comply with applicable legal standards and requirements.

Whatever the structure of your company, size and its activity (trade, services, administration, production, etc.) are, Baltic Assist offers its finance expertise to meet your short, medium and long-term needs and objectives by taking care of your company's accounting matters and preparation of financial statements.


Preparation of periodic/interim/specific/annual accounts


Preparation of stand-alone or consolidated accounts


Preparation of stationary accounts

Our expertise

A wide range of Financial Reporting Services
  • Preparation of periodic/interim/specific/annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss statement and others)
  • Preparation of stand-alone or consolidated accounts
  • Preparation of statutory accounts
  • Filing of the annual accounts with state authorities

The above-mentioned financial services are addressed to the diverse needs of businesses - from the accurate preparation of periodic, interim, specific, and annual accounts - including essential documents like balance sheets and profit and loss statements - to the stand-alone or consolidated accounts tailored to organizational structures, these services ensure a holistic view of financial health. The expertise extends to the preparation of statutory accounts, ensuring strict adherence to legal frameworks and regulatory standards. Moreover, the filing of annual accounts with state authorities is managed with precision, emphasizing the commitment to timely and accurate submission to meet legal obligations and provide stakeholders with transparent insights into a company's financial standing.

Liaison with auditors and preparation of year-end accounting files for audit

This type of service involves coordinating with external auditors and preparing year-end accounting files for the audit process. We prepare comprehensive year-end accounting files, ensuring that all financial documents and records are meticulously organized and compliant with auditing standards. Due to financial statement processing services, the company can streamline the audit procedure, promote efficient communication, and enhance the transparency and credibility of financial reporting.

Liaison with tax advisors and other third parties

Preparation and filing of annual tax returns with the state authorities.

We offer a proactive partnership with tax advisors and external parties to ensure a comprehensive approach to tax-related matters. Baltic Assist takes the responsibility of preparing and filing annual tax returns on our clients, streamlining the process and minimizing the burden on businesses. Through effective communication with tax experts and third-party collaborators, the aim is to optimize tax efficiency, navigate complex regulations, and facilitate accurate, timely submissions to state authorities. This comprehensive service not only ensures compliance but also seeks to maximize financial benefits for clients while maintaining a focus on transparency and regulatory adherence.

Preparation of management and group reports

Presentation and commentary of periodic/interim/specific/annual accounts to the board.

We take care of the preparation of management and group financial reports, offering a comprehensive overview of a company's economic performance. We can prepare insightful presentations and commentaries on periodic, interim, specific, and annual accounts, delivering clear and relevant information to the board. This service aims to give decision-makers a nuanced understanding of financial data, enabling informed strategic choices. Through precise reporting and effective communication, we aim to contribute to the board's ability to assess the company's financial health and make sound, data-driven decisions for future success.

Performing financial due diligence services

Thorough review and analysis of the financial records.

Our finance professionals thoroughly review and analyse your company's financial records, providing invaluable insights for informed decision-making. Our dedicated team ensures a meticulous examination, identifying potential risks and opportunities.


Startups & SMEs
Starting at 38 € per hour
Team of Accountants
Financial Planning & Consulting
System Setup & Integration
AI Tool Integration & Management
Large Enterprises

Custom Project
Corporate Finance Consulting
Digital Transformation
Financial Forecasting
RPA Consulting

Why choose Baltic Assist solutions for your Financial Statement Processing?

Our professional expertise guarantees you the confidence that your financial records are in good hands. Our know-how, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to confidentiality and security make us the ideal partner for managing your financial statement processing requirements.

Steps to get your project up and running

1. Evaluation of workload

First, our financial executives evaluate your current accounting setup and offer a solution.

2. The offer

We sign an agreement, review relevant legal policies and decide on the start date.

3. Introduction to the team

We introduce you to the team who will be responsible for the project. We present new solutions if needed.

4. Providing accesses

We set up access to relevant platforms for our team — for example, accounting systems, banks, payroll software, etc.

5. Project analysis

We analyze your financial operations and agree on work instructions defining the exact tasks, procedures and deadlines so the partnership is fully transparent and data protected.

6. Project start

Our financial team starts a full operation on the agreed tasks and provides continuous suggestions for automation and process streamlining.

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