Our Team

Meet Our Team
We strongly believe that an organization's achievements are the results of each individual's combined effort.
Andzej Rynkevic
“The day successful is for me, when all my customers are happy with my deliverable!”
I drink 8 cups of coffee a day.
Vytenis Maciulevičius
“The day is successful when the business runs smoothly and efficiently.”
When possible I like to do meetings outside of the office.
Kristina Margytė-Žvirblė
Human Resources
“A day at work is successful for me when we have a new team member on board.”
I truly believe that if You Want Something You Never Had, You Have To Do Something You’ve Never Done.
Kristupas Binkys
Accounting Team Lead
“A successful day is defined by improving processes, workflow, skillsets, or added value to customer’s or colleague’s life.”
I was learning to play the piano while I was locked up in University at nights. True story.
Diana Bikzigitova
Partnerships Manager
“I call it a successful day when I finish everything I've started.”
There is nothing better than working from anywhere you want.
Indrė Bradauskaitė
Senior Accountant
“Each day is a successful day because I work on my goals and interests.”
3pm coffee and something sweet is a must to keep my brain working.
Miglė Bulkaitė
Senior Accountant
“I would call a working day successful when I come up with the idea how to fasten up or make more effective my usual tasks by inventing some new features.”
On a mission to always have office lights off.
Viktorija Vaznelienė
“I called a successful day when at the end of the day I feel more experienced than in the morning.”
There are two things I can hardly ever say no to: a good thriller movie and pizza.
Karolina Onaitytė
Team Lead
“A day at work is successful for me when there are enough different challenges to overcome.”
I never stop Googling things.