FinOps Consulting Services

FinOps Consulting Services specializes in optimizing financial operations through comprehensive consultation and support. Our expertise extends to managing finance data flow seamlessly across diverse sources and various departments. We leverage cutting-edge automation solutions through a strategic partnership with a high-tech process automation provider, ensuring cost-effective and efficient automation services.

We combine cost visibility, optimization strategies, governance, automation, collaboration, and continuous improvement to help organizations effectively manage and optimize their cloud spending, enabling them to achieve cost efficiency and maximize the value of their cloud investments.

Automation & Process Optimization

In addition to our core offerings, FinOps Consulting Services excels in Automation & Process Optimization. Our skilled IT team specializes in crafting bespoke integrations between systems, harnessing the power of APIs to seamlessly connect and streamline workflows. By reducing administrative and manual tasks across departments such as Sales, HR, Finance, and Marketing, we not only enhance operational efficiency but also pave the way for a more agile and responsive organizational structure. Our focus on automation and process optimization ensures that your business experiences a significant reduction in manual workload, allowing your teams to redirect their efforts towards strategic initiatives and innovation.

Our expertise

Managing cloud usage and reducing costs

It is essential to control your cloud usage. Implementing the best practices available will reduce spending and improve workload management in the long run.

Transparent budget reporting

Cloud reporting can offer transparent and detailed budget spending in different departments and teams.

Budget optimization

A business can potentially improve and enhance workload performance by understanding resource utilization.

Improvement of operations

Implementing RPA (Robot process automation) will reduce errors in finance operations. In addition, it will minimize your dependence on key employees, the IT department and external consultants.


Startups & SMEs
Starting at 38 € per hour
Team of Accountants
Financial Planning & Consulting
System Setup & Integration
AI Tool Integration & Management
Large Enterprises

Custom Project
Corporate Finance Consulting
Digital Transformation
Financial Forecasting
RPA Consulting

Dedicate your tasks to our FinOps Managers

Baltic Assist FinOps managers' proficiency extends to navigating cloud software, facilitating smooth data migration, and advising on the selection of the most suitable accounting systems, including ERP solutions. The overarching goal of our service is to enhance efficiency in the purchase-sales cycle, minimizing manual administrative tasks involved in gathering financial data for multiple departments. By streamlining processes and leveraging technology, we empower businesses to make faster, more informed decisions, ultimately driving increased operational effectiveness and financial agility.

Steps to get your project up and running

1. Evaluation of workload

First, our financial executives evaluate your current accounting setup and offer a solution.

2. The offer

We sign an agreement, review relevant legal policies and decide on the start date.

3. Introduction to the team

We introduce you to the team who will be responsible for the project. We present new solutions if needed.

4. Providing accesses

We set up access to relevant platforms for our team — for example, accounting systems, banks, payroll software, etc.

5. Project analysis

We analyze your financial operations and agree on work instructions defining the exact tasks, procedures and deadlines so the partnership is fully transparent and data protected.

6. Project start

Our financial team starts a full operation on the agreed tasks and provides continuous suggestions for automation and process streamlining.

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