Career at BA

Welcome to the Baltic Assist Community. Care to join us? We are the first company in Lithuania that is focused solely on creating remote job opportunities.
We allow our team to develop their workspace the way it is better for them. You can easily combine work from an office with work from home. Or even work somewhere far, far away while laying on the beach.
Baltic Assist will invest a lot into your personal development. Sending you to conferences, procuring skill-oriented individual training - we do everything to empower you to overcome any obstacle and deal with every challenge that may come your way during your work.
We are building a responsible and progressive organization where everyone has a voice, where your needs for a suitable working environment are met. If someone is struggling or has their hands full, the next man or woman up is ready to cover and help.
Social gatherings, work environment management, and much more goes on behind closed doors at Baltic Assist. We are one big family that helps out each other when there is a need and shares advice, guides one another. You will never feel helpless or be left alone to deal with reoccurring issues.
We equip you with the tools to flourish
With us, you have the opportunity to thrive professionally and advance further. We welcome independent minds and promote a work culture where everyone is inspired to grow and learn from the best talents in the industry.

Here we invest a great deal into our future, including every single team member!

We are all about teamwork and freedom in the workplace
Transparency, helpfulness, and a positive environment are the key aspects of our teams. It allows us to thrive as a group of people who can always be approached when needing help with a project, issue at work, or personal matter.

There is no inner circle at Baltic Assist. Thus, everyone from CEO to junior or intern can share ideas, take on more responsibilities, and engage with company life.

Skyrocket your career with us!
We have been growing rapildy for the last 7 years now!

Our target market is stretching every year, and now we have clients all over the globe.

With more than 500 successfully delivered projects, we aim to provide the most efficient and cost-effective digital services, offering innovative business solutions and building trust amongst our customers, stakeholders and employees.

We build a positive environment in the office, which helps us deliver on the ambitions and values we set ourselves
We foster curiosity

Business trips, conferences

Participation in CSR projects

In-house library

Team workshops

We create comfort

Fully-stocked kitchen

Automation tools for work

Flexible work opportunities

Personal mentors

We advance together

Learning events

Referral bonuses

Commemorating achievements

Personal development programs

We fuel teamwork

Joint workations

Office game nights

Sport activities

Quarterly parties