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Here at Baltic Assist, we are constantly leveraging technological advancements in Accounting. We believe that innovation in accounting services is crucial for staying competitive and providing clients with valuable insights beyond standard compliance and reporting. Embracing technology and adopting a forward-looking approach to financial management can set accounting firms apart in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Our comprehensive Accounting services are dedicated to providing strategic solutions for your financial success. We seamlessly blend financial expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver a holistic approach to financial management.

Advantages of Hiring a Baltic Assist Virtual Accountant

Cost Efficiency

Baltic Assist ensures you get the best out of your investment. With no added overheads of a physical office, the savings are significant.


Baltic Assist offers customizable engagement models. Whether you need a full-time assistant or project-based support, we've got you covered.

Diverse Expertise

Our virtual sales team is a collection of the best minds from different industries and markets, ready to serve you.

Time Management

Assign tasks such as CRM management, prospect research, and more. Let our team handle the grind while you strategize.


Baltic Assist’s virtual sales services are designed for growth. Scale up or down based on your requirements without any hassle.

Dedicate your tasks to Virtual Accountant

With a virtual sales assistant, you can hand off all the tasks that don’t require your expertise and just focus on closing a sale. A sales virtual assistant can help you or your sales team with tasks such as data entry, expense reporting, researching prospects, and setting up reminders.

Dedicate the basic sales tasks. Administrative tasks like handling social media or even handling data entry don’t have to be the exclusive domain of your sales team. A VA who provides adequate assistant services will handle these administrative tasks with an eye on making them fit within your sales team’s needs.

Outsource customer relationship management. Sick of handling follow-ups? Reaching out to leads? Handling customer support yourself? You have customer relationship management software for a reason. But if you’d rather focus on different elements of your business, a virtual sales assistant can pick up the slack.‍

Our expertise


We provide expert bookkeeping services tailored to your business needs. Our experienced team ensures accurate financial records, timely reporting, and personalized support, allowing you to focus on growing your business with confidence.

Integrated Financial Strategy

We go beyond conventional accounting, integrating financial strategy into every aspect of our services. Our team collaborates with you to align accounting practices with your overarching business goals.

Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Navigate complex financial landscapes with confidence. Our sophisticated accounting includes risk management strategies and ensures stringent compliance with
ever-evolving regulatory standards, including local GAAP and IFRS.

Customized Reporting for Strategic Insights

Access customized reports that offer strategic insights into your financial performance. We believe in providing more than just numbers; we provide the narrative that empowers you to make informed strategic decisions.

Technology-Driven Financial Management

Harness the power of technology for efficient financial management. Our solutions leverage advanced tools and analytics, seamlessly integrating financial expertise with technology for optimal results.

Finance Function Assessment and Internal Control

Evaluate and enhance your finance function with our thorough assessments. Identify opportunities for improvement, efficiency gains, and strategic alignment within your finance department. Strengthen internal controls and risk management for a robust financial framework.

Automated Document Handling

Streamline your document management processes with our automated solutions. From invoices to financial statements, our automated handling ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Consulting on Financial Management and Tax

Access strategic consulting services for financial management and tax optimization. Our experts provide tailored advice to enhance your financial strategy, manage tax liabilities, and optimize overall financial performance.

Reconciliations and Accounting Health Check

Ensure the accuracy and health of your financial records through our meticulous reconciliations and accounting health checks. Identify and address discrepancies proactively.

Preparation of SOP, Procedures, and Checklists

Ensure operational excellence with our comprehensive preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), other procedures, and checklists. We tailor these documents to your unique needs, providing clear guidelines for streamlined financial processes.

Chart of Accounts and Accounting Policy Development

Optimize your financial structure with our expertise in developing a tailored Chart of Accounts. We also assist in crafting accounting policies that align with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


Startups & SMEs
Starting at 38 € per hour
Team of Accountants
Financial Planning & Consulting
System Setup & Integration
AI Tool Integration & Management
Large Enterprises

Custom Project
Corporate Finance Consulting
Digital Transformation
Financial Forecasting
RPA Consulting
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Steps to get your project up and running

1. Evaluation of workload

First, our financial executives evaluate your current accounting setup and offer a solution.

2. The offer

We sign an agreement, review relevant legal policies and decide on the start date.

3. Introduction to the team

We introduce you to the team who will be responsible for the project. We present new solutions if needed.

4. Providing accesses

We set up access to relevant platforms for our team — for example, accounting systems, banks, payroll software, etc.

5. Project analysis

We analyze your financial operations and agree on work instructions defining the exact tasks, procedures and deadlines so the partnership is fully transparent and data protected.

6. Project start

Our financial team starts a full operation on the agreed tasks and provides continuous suggestions for automation and process streamlining.

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