Hire Virtual Data Entry Specialists

Our data entry professionals are responsible for inputting and updating information into databases, spreadsheets, and other digital platforms. Daily, we work with data management and organization and are proficient in using software applications such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and other database management tools.

Some key responsibilities include: inputting data from various sources, verifying accuracy, updating and maintaining databases, preparing reports, and identifying and resolving errors.

Advantages of Hiring a Baltic Assist Virtual Data Entry Specialists


We can work according to your preferred schedule, whether that's during regular business hours or around the clock to accommodate different time zones.

Quick Turnaround

Our specialists can provide quick turnaround times, which is especially beneficial when you have time-sensitive data entry tasks.

Data Accuracy

Our team are always delivering a high level of accuracy and consistency. This is critical for data integrity and decision-making based on that data.

Privacy and Security

Baltic Assist can always sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive data. This is especially important for businesses dealing with sensitive information.


You can hire virtual data entry specialists who understand your specific industry and requirements, ensuring that the work aligns with your business needs.


From 17.25 € per hour
Part-time Virtual Employee
84 hours per month
From 1449 € per month
No additional costs
From 13.57 € per hour
Full-Time Virtual Employee
168 hours per month
From 2280 € per month
No additional costs
Custom Pricing
Example of 4 FTE's team
Virtual or in-house department
Different positions on the project
Money back guarantee

Key tasks of a Remote Data Entry Specialists


Online data entry

Our top-notch data entry specialists can offer custom online data entry solutions. We can help you with time-sensitive data entry tasks that require great accuracy, attention to detail, and responsibility.

Data extraction

Accurate data extraction is essential for organizations with large amounts of information stored in different formats and platforms. Our specialists can help with such data by taking care of your databases, analyzing them and creating reports based on your company's needs.

Data research and collection

With our online data research specialists, we can help in the collection of important data for your organization. We can assist you in obtaining specified data from carefully examined data sources.

Data management

Our data entry specialists can set up a custom data entry application or find the best option from other providers.

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3. Select a Candidate

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4. Go Live!

Immediately, after selection, the chosen candidate is ready to work for you. All you have to do now is provide tasks and duties that the specialist can carry out for the firm.

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Frequently asked questions

How and why to hire a virtual data entry assistant?

Hire a virtual data entry assistant to efficiently manage data tasks like inputting, organizing, and maintaining information, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Why is a data entry virtual assistant a worthwhile hire?

A data entry virtual assistant is valuable for tasks that require attention to detail, consistency, and data accuracy, allowing you to focus on more strategic aspects of your business.

What should I consider before hiring a data entry virtual assistant?

Consider the volume of data, required software proficiency, data security, and the assistant's reliability and experience before hiring.

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