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Cash flow control

A comprehensive cash flow control service is essential for effective financial management, providing businesses with a robust framework to optimize their liquidity. Financial control services encompasses cash flow reporting and historical cash flow analysis, offering insights into past financial performance and identifying trends that can shape future strategies. One of its key features is cash forecasting, which includes long-term projections based on various assumptions and short-term predictions grounded in actual data. This service ensures regular updates from accounting sources. It gathers data from multiple systems, such as ERP, sales orders, CRM, and inventory management, to provide a holistic view of cash inflows and outflows. Moreover, it incorporates multiple cash scenario analyses, allowing businesses to prepare for risks by identifying areas where spending should be limited and ensuring readiness to seize investment opportunities. In essence, the cash flow control service enhances financial visibility and empowers businesses to navigate uncertainties with agility and make strategic financial decisions.

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Help in Attracting Investments or Loan Financing

Our investments or loan financing know-how assists you in every step of the process, from meticulous preparation to effective presentation. Our financial expertise extends to detailed budget consolidation, ensuring a thorough and holistic approach to your financial planning and presentation needs. Working closely with our clients, we tailor our approach to align with their unique business needs and goals. The collaborative efforts extend to creating professional templates and presentations, ensuring that your financial data is presented compellingly and persuasively. Whether you are seeking venture capital or approaching loan providers, our focus is on showcasing your financial viability through historical and forecast reports. Baltic Assist aims to enhance your prospects and maximise your potential for successful investment attraction or loan financing.

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Financial Metrics, KPI Analysis & Dashboard Preparation

Our dedicated service focuses on providing you with a customized and comprehensive report that goes beyond traditional financial summaries. We excel in integrating key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored to your industry and organizational objectives. Our team is committed to assisting you in making informed decisions by presenting a clear and insightful analysis of your financial metrics. We understand the importance of user-friendly interfaces for decision-makers, and thus, we craft intuitive dashboards that offer a quick and comprehensive view of your financial landscape. With our expertise, we aim to empower you with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of financial data, enabling strategic decision-making for the success and growth of your business.

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Financial forecasting & budgetting

The Financial Forecasting and budgeting service that we offer adept finance experts with a wealth of experience in accounting, management reporting, and financial analysis. Our service tailors a dynamic model tuned to your business needs and reporting frequency. Seamless consolidation of inputs from diverse management sources enables a comprehensive actuals vs budget comparison.

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Board & Management Reporting

Our Board & Management Reporting service is a crucial component of our Finance Controlling suite and is designed to elevate your financial narrative. We accurately prepare templates for board reporting, conduct in-depth analyses of actuals vs budget, and make nuanced forecast adjustments. Beyond numbers, our service excels in crafting analytical insights that offer a profound understanding of your financial landscape. As a seamless extension of our commitment, we prepare polished presentation slides, empowering your CFO to deliver impactful insights to investors or the board.

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Financial Consulting

With a keen eye on your unique business context, our experts break down the complexities of risks, departmental results, and fluctuations in costs and profitability. Armed with this distilled information, we provide you with a straightforward report and consultation, ensuring that the complexities of finance are translated into an easy-to-understand format. Our goal is to empower decision-makers like you. Beyond mere numbers, we guide you through potential investment opportunities and collaborate to redefine your business structure for optimal performance.

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Startups & SMEs
55 € per hour
Team of Accountants
Financial Planning & Consulting
System Setup & Integration
AI Tool Integration & Management
Large Enterprises
Custom Project
Corporate Finance Consulting
Digital Transformation
Financial Forecasting
RPA Consulting

Advantages of Hiring a Baltic Assist Virtual Accountant

Cost Efficiency

Baltic Assist ensures you get the best out of your investment. With no added overheads of a physical office, the savings are significant.


Baltic Assist offers customizable engagement models. Whether you need a full-time assistant or project-based support, we've got you covered.

Diverse Expertise

Our virtual sales team is a collection of the best minds from different industries and markets, ready to serve you.

Time Management

Assign tasks such as CRM management, prospect research, and more. Let our team handle the grind while you strategize.


Baltic Assist’s virtual sales services are designed for growth. Scale up or down based on your requirements without any hassle.

Virtual CFO services


Virtual CFO service offers strategic financial leadership tailored to elevate your business to new heights. Our seasoned financial experts provide comprehensive guidance in areas such as financial planning, risk management, budgeting, and growth strategies. With a focus on optimizing financial performance and maximizing profitability, our CFO services empower businesses to make informed decisions. We collaborate closely with your team, offering invaluable insights and expertise to drive sustainable growth and navigate complex financial challenges.

Financial Control Services 2

Grow business with our Financial controllers


We create a clear picture of your finances and solve the challenge of analyzing figures and managing data flow from multiple sources. It brings confidence and peace of mind to every decision. By letting us handle the nitty-gritty of financial management, including keeping a close eye on budgets and actuals and addressing financial data flow and analysis challenges, you get more time for what matters—focusing on exciting plans for your business.

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Steps to get your project up and running

1. Evaluation of workload

First, our financial executives evaluate your current accounting setup and offer a solution.

2. The offer

We sign an agreement, review relevant legal policies and decide on the start date.

3. Introduction to the team

We introduce you to the team who will be responsible for the project. We also set up access to relevant platforms for our team. We present new innovative solutions if needed.

4. Providing accesses

We set up access to relevant platforms for our team — for example, accounting systems, banks, payroll software, etc.

5. Project analysis

We analyze your financial operations and agree on work instructions defining the exact tasks, procedures and deadlines so the partnership is fully transparent and data protected.

6. Project start

Our financial team starts a full operation on the agreed tasks and provides continuous suggestions for automation and process streamlining.

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