AI Consulting Services
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With our AI consultants in the works, we aim in helping businesses and organizations leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to solve business problems and improve processes. Baltic Assist consultants typically work with clients to identify areas where AI can be used to automate tasks, analyze data, and make predictions or recommendations.
The role varies depending on the specific tailored needs of the clients. While some may focus on helping businesses develop AI strategies, others may work on implementing AI solutions or optimizing existing systems.

Common focus areas

Data Science

Our consultants can help you jumpstart your project by extracting value from organizations data. By doing so, we can advise you on the development of new products and services.

Machine Learning
Use machine learning expertise and technologies to enable your organization transformation and unlock the ability to advance your business scale to the next level.

Implementing automation operations into your business enables you to advance your strategic processes – lifting your business decision making ability to new heights. It saves time, reduces costs and decreases process errors to a bare minimum.

Software Development

You can trust your automation project with our recommended scrum squad, who are ready to deliver bespoke software, web or mobile application solutions to your business. 

software development solutions

Software Development Services

With us, you get a reliable automation development partner for your business. We ensure a smooth run of your web, mobile and other software projects.

We can help you with

web development

Web Development

Our web developers create custom web and web application solutions. We deliver web presence to help you grow your business using the best web technologies as well. 

mobile development

Mobile Development

We build intuitive and engaging Android, iOS and cross-platform apps for businesses, consumers and enterprises that end users love and adapt to them very quickly. 

dedicated team

Hire Dedicated Team

Create your own dedicated team for your project development on the short-term, long term or permanent basis. Choose what specialists to include or use our default composition.

qa services

QA Services

Our QA engineers don't just test, they make your software application successful ensuring quality delivery with manual and/or automated testing services. 

custom software dev

Custom Software Dev

We can analyse the ongoing business processes and create a plan for building custom software which could optimise time and costs for the daily operations of our client employees. 

software audit

Software Audit Service

Our team of architects, system administrators and software developers are ready to come along with suggestions and solutions on how to optimise current software after in-depth analysis. 

consulting pricing

Unleash Potential Through Expert Consultancy

Guiding Excellence, Driving Success: Your Trusted Partner in Virtual Consultancy Services.

Four step consulting approach

1. Situation analysis

Critically assessing the internal and external issues surrounding an organization that is undertaken due to a new project or task.

2. Hypothesis

Seeking a hypothesis-driven approach to the issue and attempting to overcome it while focusing on the best assumption.

3. Execution

Strategic implementation usign a desgin approach and company models to build a workforce compatible with the plan.

4. Verification

Verification of necessary action steps forumulated by the team to finalize the correct approach.

Frequently asked questions

What are AI consulting services?

AI consulting services provide expert guidance and solutions to help businesses leverage artificial intelligence for innovation and improved performance.

How can AI consulting services help my business innovate?

AI consultants offer AI strategy development, implementation, and optimization to drive innovation, automate processes, and enhance decision-making.

What does an AI consultant do?

An AI consultant assesses business needs, recommends AI solutions, oversees implementation, and ensures AI systems are effectively integrated and optimized.

What are the costs of AI consulting services?

Costs vary depending on the project's complexity and the consultant's expertise. AI consulting services may involve hourly rates or project-based fees, typically ranging from 100€ to 300€ per hour.

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