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by BA team
Feb 7, 2017
Working in a virtual environment is growing phenomenon, and it is no surprise, that many executive directors are confident abou...
by BA team
Nov 28, 2016
In our modern, electronic, fast-paced society where everything has to be done “yesterday” business owners can sometimes find th...
by BA team
Sep 19, 2016
For this article, the virtual assistants at Baltic Assist (balticassist.com) have decided to share with you a secret of how you...
by BA team
Sep 1, 2016
It is essential to understand that being an entrepreneur you are a creative mind, a visionary and a strategist at the same time...
by BA team
Oct 20, 2016
Over the last 20 years, Lithuania has proved to have one of the best educated, hardworking, motivated, ambitious and multilingu...
by BA team
Jul 20, 2016
‘As more people are willing to take the “leap” and are opening themselves to the concept of Virtual Assistance, they are quickl...