How can you save 20 hours a week by delegating tasks to a virtual assistant?

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For this article, the virtual assistants at Baltic Assist have decided to share a secret of how you can save 20 hours a week (or even more) by outsourcing and delegating your work to a qualified and experienced virtual assistant from anywhere around the world.

Besides, it is much easier than it can look at the outset. Because by delegating the following tasks and activities, you not only can increase your productivity and efficiency and bring more revenue but, most importantly, have more time to scale your business and achieve long-term professional goals. Of course, the real beauty of every hour you save by outsourcing is that you can do whatever you please. Like focus on things and people of greater personal importance or even plan a vacation that you haven’t had in years.

Therefore, if you have decided to experience the benefits of outsourcing, there are 3 essential aspects you should have in mind:

  1. Hire a professional and knowledgeable virtual assistant that perfectly fits your needs and requirements;
  2. Put the right systems in place to ensure successful communication with your virtual assistant (read more);
  3. Effectively delegate your tasks and various business activities.

So once you have everything in the right places, here are:


  1. Let your VA manage your e-mail and take care of customer service (5+ hours a week / 1 hour a day).

There is no surprise that as your business grows, so does the amount of e-mails you get every single day. The chances are you spend more than an hour a day responding to similar inquiries, questions or customer care issues. In this process, you not only lose valuable time but also get distracted from the tasks and work, which helps you to make a substantial contribution to growing your business. However, you can easily delegate these responsibilities to an experienced virtual assistant, who will take care of customer service, respond to standard inquiries, send thank-you cards to your clients and will keep your inbox clean of spam. So when you check your inbox, you will see only priority e-mails, which you need to focus on asap.

  1. Let your VA manage your social media and help you with the marketing (5+ hours a week / 1 hour a day).

We are sure you will agree with us on this one, as social media is another necessary but time-consuming activity that does not require the expertise you have. What is more, it is the easiest work you can outsource and delegate to your virtual assistant, who can quickly match your style, promote your business, products or services, and probably do it way faster than you could do. What is more, VA can help you to increase followers on social media, schedule or even write your tweets, and send invitations to upcoming events. Also, virtual employees can help you create e-mail marketing campaigns and prepare newsletters, as well as create customer feedback forms, and advertise a particular project in the press. They can easily manage the information on your website or even make sure that your website is SEO-friendly.

  1. Let your VA do bookkeeping, process payments & handle the invoices (5+ hours a week / 1 hour a day).

If you sell products or offer services in your business, then you spend some time processing payments, invoicing your clients and customers, and finally, doing bookkeeping to keep everything organized. Moreover, a qualified and knowledgeable VA can take care of the spreadsheets, manage bank account operations, help you with salary calculations, and prepare financial statements and management reports. Also, they can take care of outgoing and incoming invoices, balance your books and provide end-of-month reports, as well as respond to credit institutions and local tax authorities.

  1. Let your VA do writing for you and delegate the tasks that involve writing (2+ hours a week).

To be honest, the virtual assistant can be an excellent marketer who helps you to get your message out there by contributing to your blog posts, newsletters, tweets, articles or posts on social media. What is more, VA can proofread, edit and format the documents you have already prepared and make sure your website is SEO-friendly. He/she can also transcribe your records, notes, and minutes and turn them into well-structured documents, emails or anything else you have in mind – everything branded and written in a style that reflects your business.

  1. Let your VA do the administrative work for you (2+ hours a week).

Keep in mind that your VA can organize your calendar, schedule and arrange meetings with your clients and vendors, as well as, make a reservation at your favourite restaurant, book doctor or dentist appointments and organize your travels. Besides, VA can plan and coordinate upcoming events, send invitations, make telemarketing calls or update and enter new information in your database. Anyway, the list is endless, so you need to let an experienced professional do work for you when you keep your focus on long-term professional goals.

  1. Let your VA research for you (1+ hours a week).

Every time you are reading the latest industry news and upcoming events, investigate your competitors and vendors while looking for the more efficient or cheaper way to produce products or services; you are actively researching. That means you are spending your valuable time on things which can be easily delegated to VA. Besides, VA can help you to investigate potential business opportunities or get in touch with new customers, as well as update you about the changes and relevant news in the industry, research certain niece or topics and, finally, compile market data and prepare reports.

Baltic Assist is a reliable virtual assistance service provider to entrepreneurs, professionals, and SMEs. If you are interested in exploring the opportunity to try virtual assistance service, contact Baltic Assist, and we will be happy to help.