Entrepreneur & Solo-Entrepreneur: why your first hire should be a VA?

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It is essential to understand that being an entrepreneur you are a creative mind, a visionary and a strategist at the same time. But just because you can practically be all those things and take care of all the necessary functions in your business simultaneously, it does not mean that you have to.

The reality is when your business reaches the point when you can not keep up with the project deadlines or just follow up with your to-do list. That is because you keep spending your day handling customer inquiries, replying to e-mails or growing the social network. You need to ask yourself, whether you are doing your best to maintain and scale your business. If you have enough self-conscious and awareness to realize that by doing the work that can be easily outsourced and delegated to another person, you are not able to fully utilize your talent and professional skills to grow your business. Basically, in the nowadays business environment it is essential to play it smart, be present and efficient to keep up with your success and achieve long-term professional goals.

However, when you are an entrepreneur or in most cases solo-entrepreneur, hiring a full-time office assistant can be quite challenging, financially and even physiologically. Therefore, from our experience working with various clients in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, we tend to believe that having a virtual assistant as your first hire, can bring a lot of value to your business. So let’s have a look at the top 5 REASONS WHY YOUR FIRST HIRE SHOULD BE A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.


1. Helps you to focus on what matters the most

In other words, having a virtual assistant working for you will give you more time to spend on the tasks that matter, such as building the marketing strategies, finding new clients, as well as, potential investments to grow your business. And most importantly, an extra time to maintain, improve and build the brand that you have created in the first place. As you already know, the primary key to keeping up with your competitors and constantly changing market trends, as well as, costumers’ need and requirements, is all about staying relevant and up to date in the dynamic business environment. Therefore, thinking forward, understanding the market trends and being present, but most importantly, being a visionary of your company is what you should focus on while taking action to outsource and train the right person to take care of the rest.

2. Helps you to accomplish more things and be efficient daily

Let’s make it clear; it is one thing to do more with fewer resources and investments, and another one is to achieve more with the time that is available for you. Therefore, having a virtual assistant working for you, without a doubt can increase productivity and efficiency while dealing with your day-to-day work. And if we agree, that time is money in any business, then utilizing it reasonably by outsourcing the services and delegating the key tasks to highly experienced professional can help you to make a substantial contribution to growing your business.

3. Helps you to bring more revenue to your business

There is a common belief between the entrepreneurs (especially solo-entrepreneurs) that by doing all the necessary tasks themselves they are saving their company’s money. But it could not be anything further from the truth, because your time spent on handling customer inquiries, answering e-mails, updating your social media, scheduling appointments, sending invitations, managing customer relations or doing the accounting, by no means helps you to grow your business, find potential costumers, and bring more revenue to your company. So having a virtual assistant to take care of all these necessary tasks in your business can finally help you to focus on bringing more revenue, networking and building the valuable relationships with your customers, as well as, creating and implementing marketing and business strategies.

4. Helps you to save your business money

Even you think that you can not afford the employee at this early stage of your business, but the cost savings received from outsourcing can be quite substantial, as most companies can offer their services at the lower cost rates, due to lower labor costs at their location. Besides, by hiring a virtual assistant, you will experience the flexible employment benefits, as you only will be paying for what you ask. It means, there is no loss in productivity costs that come along with hiring full-time employees, such as monthly salaries, health insurances, and employment benefits. And as always, if the outsourced virtual assistant does not perform to your requirements and expectations, you can quickly terminate the contract with no further difficulties. Also, having a virtual assistant working for you don’t require to have extra space or equipment in the office, as you will have an experienced professional working remotely for your business.

5. Allows you to have a qualified and highly knowledgeable professional on Pay As You Go basis

As an entrepreneur, no one knows your business better than you do. However, it doesn’t mean that you are equally great in all aspects of your business. So if you are an excellent salesperson, advertiser, it does not necessarily mean that you are good at bookkeeping, accounting or even marketing. So, if you decide to outsource, take into consideration and evaluate your strengths and your weaknesses in the business. Which means, try to find an expert, who can complement your strengths and compensate for your weakness, so you can focus on utilizing your potential to reach long-term financial goals. Besides, most solo-entrepreneurs tend to believe, that by delegating tasks they are giving up control of their business. However, you still will be making the major decisions, approving marketing strategies, but letting your virtual assistant put your ideas into action by managing implementation.

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