How Baltic Assist Became The First B Corp In Lithuania

1st B corp in Lithuania

Businesses have a responsibility to pay it forward. The B Corp certification is one of today’s most trusted verification methods on environmental sustainability and business transparency.

As such, we’re proud to announce our recent achievement of the B Corp certification for Baltic Assist. If you’re unsure what this certification means for you, continue reading to learn more about how it works.

What Is The B Lab And B Corp Certification? 

The B Lab is a non-profit organization and council that determines whether or not a business is sustainable. Their regulatory council analyzes details such as transparency, inclusivity, and environmental sustainability.

Businesses of various sizes have different assessments since they face different challenges. However, the B Lab has the same goal – ensuring businesses are participating in creating a more sustainable future. The B Lab’s criteria focuses on three major factors:

  • Demonstrating significant social and environmental performance
  • Ensuring legal commitment and accountability across all stakeholders, clients, and employees
  • Committing to complete transparency through a public profile

Should a business meet all these requirements, the B Lab will approve them for a B Corp certification. This certification demonstrates a deep commitment to promoting social and environmental change. It’s a powerful means to build trust with both business partners and today’s discerning customers.

How We Achieved Our B Corp Certification 

"Our business strategy is built on transparency and accountability. Such values are very important in the BPO industry since your team, in many cases, represents the client. When we heard about such a community from our valued clients, we didn't hesitate to join it. This is definitely something we want to be a part of to improve our operations in the future." — Edvinas Saviciunas, Head of Marketing at Baltic Assist. 

After a year of hard work, Baltic Assist became the first B Corp certified business in Lithuania. While we operate from Lithuania and Poland, our client base stretches across multiple continents. We work with people across the Nordics, Western Europe, US, UK, and Australia.

While we were always working toward sustainable solutions, we realized we hadn’t written our values into our policies. Outlining our values in official documents was a vital part of communicating to our clients and partners what we care about.

The most important reasons why we sought out a B Corp certification were:

  • Benefitting our community and giving back
  • Building trust and accountability between ourselves, our partners, and our clients
  • Connecting with like-minded businesses who share similar values
Baltic Assist game changers

The B Corp certification is holistic, focusing on improving all the interconnected elements of running a business. It’s not enough to use greener product materials or hold stakeholders accountable. All pieces of the puzzle need to be working together to deliver a powerful impact.

We hope to generate more interest in the movement and inspire businesses to become economically and environmentally responsible.

What B Corps Mean For Sustainability In Business 

Did you know at least 84% of customers say poor environmental practices make them feel alienated from a company? B Corp certification is a vital component to building trust with businesses and customers alike.

Sustainability is slowly becoming the new norm for businesses the world over. Nearly half of businesses were actively offering eco-friendly products and services in 2023. Another 43% of businesses are relocating to facilities resistant to climate change. We’re proud to do our part to create a brighter and healthier future for the people we serve and work with.

Our goal is to maintain our certification and create a ripple effect throughout our industry. We’re committed to accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement in our business operations.

Are You Ready To Join The B Corp Movement?

The B Corp certification is how you tell customers and partners you’re serious about change. We at Baltic Assist are always looking for new and innovative ways to leave the world a better place.

If you’re actively working toward becoming transparent and sustainable, join the movement. With the financial industry continuing to evolve socially and technologically, it’s time to evolve right along with it.


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