Set processes

The work starts with a conference call via skype/google hangout or phone, where we get introduced to your company’s accounting. During the conversation, we receive all the information relevant to your company’s bookkeeping, identify the areas for automation, discuss the processes and set the deadlines.

Grant us access

In most of the cloud accounting systems, we have our administrator accounts. Our customer needs to login to the accounting system and select us as an administrator, where we will be able to do our work. Takes less than a minute. We will also receive the access to your salary system (Danlon, Bluegaarden) and your company’s SKAT account.

Store files in cloud

All you need to do is simply to scan all your accounting documents (invoices, receipts, etc.) to a cloud service solution like Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other system of your choice. However, some accounting systems allow the function to scan and send the images of your receipts/vouchers directly from your mobile phone.


Send bank statement

Log in to your online banking and extract the bank statement for the period that requires the bookkeeping to be completed. Alternatively, you can grant us the viewer access to your bank, and we generate the statement ourselves. We are looking forward to receiving the statements in excel or CSV formats.

The most popular cloud accounting systems among our customers

Compare Baltic Assist accounting service to other alternatives


  • Costs
  • Optimisation
  • Scaling
  • Expertise
  • Availability

Local Company

  • 50-90 euros/hour
  • focused on traditional processes and systems
  • can take some time
  • depends on company
  • 9am – 5 pm

Hired accountant

  • 4000 – 5000 euros/month
  • Needs to be managed
  • Hire additional person (4-6 weeks)
  • Specific to person’s skills
  • 37 hours per week, 8am-5pm
Baltic Assist team has great finance pros, they always do the job at the highest quality level and provide me with a competent advice whenever my business needs it. Michael Laustsen

CEO, Superbetting ApS

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