Case Studies

ORDERYOYO and Baltic Assist financial management case study

Financial Accountant


At Baltic Assist, we prioritise empowering our clients to focus on the growth of their businesses by efficiently managing their daily tasks.

Therefore, we are excited to share yet another case study, spotlighting our collaboration with OrderYOYO, specialising in online ordering systems for takeaways.

OrderYOYO provides comprehensive software services tailored for takeaway restaurants, including website development, integrated payment gateways, and strategic marketing solutions such as search engine optimization (SEO).

In the ever-competitive market, OrderYOYO stands out as a cost-effective alternative, ensuring that restaurants retain ownership of their valuable data. This unique value proposition has positioned OrderYOYO as a preferred choice among takeaway establishments seeking reliable and affordable online ordering solutions.

OrderYOYO, currently with 208 full-time employees, reached out to Baltic Assist in 2016, and since then, we’ve been working to provide accounting and payroll services to their team.


Before partnering with Baltic Assist, the team at OrderYOYO faced a significant hurdle. As a startup company, they urgently needed assistance with their accounting processes but lacked an internal team dedicated to this task. This obstacle made it difficult for them to focus on strategic business aspects and in the long term could affect their growth.

Our team stepped in from the beginning, starting from zero, to provide crucial accounting services. We not only addressed the immediate need for financial management but also played a role in the overall development of OrderYOYO’s business.


Our team at Baltic Assist responded to OrderYOYO’s challenge by offering solutions tailored to their specific needs and the evolving demands of their growing business.

We scaled the project with a team consisting of 3 junior accountants, 2 accountants, 1 senior accountant, and 1 team lead, ensuring that OrderYOYO’s accounting requirements were effectively managed and supported.

With a commitment to excellence, we dedicated 450 hours per month to the project, with the capacity to scale up further as needed. Furthermore, our team successfully executed several new projects to enhance OrderYOYO’s operational efficiency and financial management capabilities.

During our work together, we’ve provided the following services:

  • Financial accounting and reconciliation of bank transactions
  • Payment processing services
  • Full-scope accounts payable management and communication with vendors
  • Preparation and accounting of payroll, financial statements, consolidation, audit assistance, and debtor reconciliations

Additionally, our team assumed responsibility for communication and input preparation for UK and IE salary providers, currently implementing Corpay solutions, and introduced the Uniconta accounting system, further streamlining and optimising OrderYOYO’s accounting processes.


The client’s feedback highlighted our role in establishing a solid financial foundation for them, vital for the success of any business.

“You can always count on Baltic Assist as they are always very present and they know our business (sometimes better than we do). It is difficult to get good employees with accounting skills in Denmark, so Baltic Assist adds great stability to our business. The team is working very hard when it is needed for us to succeed with our projects.” — Jens Peter Smidt Blak, OrderYOYO Head of Finance.

During our partnership, OrderYOYO achieved notable success in streamlining financial management. With Baltic Assist’s support, OrderYOYO could focus on strategic initiatives while we managed crucial accounting and payroll services. This streamlined financial management approach provided OrderYOYO with the stability and confidence to pursue its growth objectives.