How Danish companies can benefit from outsourcing bookkeeping to Baltic Assist

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Looking back to the roots of outsourcing history, finance was one of the first areas that businesses have considered to outsource. Times, when SMEs are employing in-house accountants, are over. It all started with outsourcing the company’s finances to local accounting firms until businesses decided to move accounting overseas. One of the key places that have made a difference for SMEs owners is the outsourcing of bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is very much like going to the doctor for a yearly health checkup – no one wants to do it, but declining it can lead to severe issues. Nowadays technology has moved a lot of accounting systems to the cloud, where finance professionals can complete the job regardless of their location.

Some small business owners still choose to complete the bookkeeping themselves and hire finance professionals only for skilled accounting tasks such as reporting and yearly accounts closing, but this is a risky way of managing the company finances because incorrect completion of bookkeeping may lead to costly errors in the future.

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting & Bookkeeping

Here are listed the main benefits of outsourcing the accounting operations to Baltic Assist:

Saving time

Outsourcing the bookkeeping will free up valuable time which can be directed to the growth of the company. Spending time for accounting can be an enormous distraction in a daily routine. Removing this distraction, the business owner can concentrate on the things that matter and add value.

Saving money

You do not need to pay a wage to your full or part-time employee. You also get rid of the lost productivity costs that come when hiring an employee. As Baltic Assist is located in Lithuania, we are offering the best accounting price on the Danish market.

Experienced advice

You do not have to worry about your staff getting the right qualifications and staying up to date with current rules and regulations. You have hired a team of experienced professionals, who can advise you on how to run better and structure your business. The only thing you have to worry now is how to grow your business.

Top-level accounting software

Have you ever experienced old and stubborn accountants using the methods which are here from the 1990s? Baltic Assist is a company which is using the most efficient accounting software and tools, which will make your accounting operations as much automated as possible.
Scalability potential. If you are rapidly expanding, we are broadening the scope of our services as well. If you have decided to cut costs, we will adapt to it asap. Outsourcing accounting provides the flexibility that is just not possible with having finance people employed.

If you would like to have a free consultation about outsourcing your accounting operations to experienced professionals, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your needs.