IT Risk Analyst (fixed term contract)

You will be working with an international company as an Information Risk Analyst being the backbone of security in your business. The Information Risk Analyst will be responsible for planning and carrying out security features to protect the business’ computer networks and systems. Information Security Analysts come must also come up with recovery plans in case something happens so that the businesses’ information can be kept safe.
You will be providing a support service to the audit and IT teams to find ways to improve the existing services, support for the elimination of internal audit identified gaps, and build good working relationships with a variety of stakeholders. You will have to consult on how to narrow down and agree on the remediation scope and required artifacts, such as evidence requirements, in/out scope technologies, controls, etc., for successful closures, continually maintain risk register and track changes, identify risks from various sources, such as third parties, IT providers, risk assessments.

Provide support to security risk assessments across the organization;
Prepare reports that take note of security breaches and the extent of the damage caused by these breaches;
Engage with IT service providers, audit teams, and other stakeholders to agree on a mitigation plan, a remediation strategy, and appropriate timelines for any issues found;
Research the latest in information technology security trends to keep up to date with the subject and use the latest technology to protect information;
Support the creation and maintenance of new security standards, procedures, and guidelines;
Make recommendations to managers and senior executives about security advancements to best protect the company's systems;
Conduct frequent testing of simulated cyber attacks to look for vulnerabilities in the computer systems and write up the results;
Communicate testing results indicated by internal auditors to process owners;
Evaluate timeline of the management’s action plan on audit recommendations;
Stay up to date on current and emerging technological trends and be able to implement those for the safety of the company's computer networks;
Perform other duties as required.
Have a thorough understanding of computer networking systems, database administration, and internet security;
A degree in IT engineering, IT auditing or equivalent;
3+ years of experience with IT risk management, Information Security, and Legal/Compliance function related to IT;
Maintain knowledge of IT standards, regulations, understand of IT security principles;
Address threats to computer network security quickly and efficiently;
The ability to communicate technical concepts to non-tech savvy business professionals is beneficial;
Professional qualifications: CISA, CISM, CRISK, CISSP, ITIL, ISO27001 (is an advantage).
We offer:
Opportunity to work with an international company;
Competitive salary;
Personal development;
Business trips combining sightseeing and training;
Remote work opportunity. You can combine work from the office and home or even from a beach;
Flexible work schedule;
Amazing Office Perks: coffee and tea, monthly karaoke and games parties, PlayStation room, table football, and more;
Office Building Perks: Rooftop terrace for morning coffee with a view. Secured bike lock room and shower rooms. Scooter rental post;
Constant teambuilding events.
3000 EUR/month Netto.
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