Application support analyst

We are looking for an amazing Application Support Analyst who would like to join the Baltic Assist team!

Our client company is growing rapidly and is therefore looking to expand their support team. In addition, the company conducts some of the most advanced employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys in the world.

Being patient and extremely responsible;
Having excellent organizational skills with an ability to think proactively and prioritize work;
Being fluent in spoken and written English;
Intellectual curiosity and inquisitiveness;
Ability to work in a quick and multi-cultural environment;
Be able to work on different shifts;
Work week shifts: 06:00-15:00, 10:00-19:00 and 16:00-00:00
Weekend shifts: 08:00 - 13:00 and 17:00 - 22:00
We offer:
Flexible working hours. Schedule your working hours as you want;
Flexible working place. Opportunity to combine work either from the office and home or even from a beach somewhere in the Bahamas;
Amazing Office Perks: daily office snacks, coffee, tea, painkillers after hungover, monthly karaoke and games parties, PlayStation room, table football, and more stuff;
Rooftop terrace. You can have a morning coffee with a fantastic Vilnius view from our rooftop. Also, we have rooftop sports sessions;
Secured bike lock room and modern shower rooms. Also, you can rent a scooter;
Unlimited sweets. Statistically, we have a birthday party every 3rd day – so we have as many cakes as you ever dreamt of;
Great team to work with.
600-700 Eur/Month, Netto
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