Sales Managers

Baltic Assist sales representatives provide top-notch services by sharing their expertise in selling, servicing, and providing any other assistance needed upon purchasing your product or service.


Our business development managers can sell products and services by using solid arguments to prospective customers and performing a cost-benefit analysis of existing and new potential customers.


Creative skills, analytical skills, communication, organization, and negotiation expertise — is what our professionals can deliver.
Even if you think your business is at its peak, there are always ways to go even further. Therefore, if you need support with generating leads, helping your company grow, developing new opportunities, and, most importantly, generating new revenue — give us a call!

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Team members
Diana Glodenė
Partnerships Manager
Romualdas Nenortas
Sales Manager
Marius Balandis
Sales Manager
84 hours per month
15.68 € / hour
  • From 1317 € per month
  • No additional costs
168 hours per month
11.79 € / hour
  • From 1980 € per month
  • No additional costs
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Simple steps to get dedicated virtual employee
1. Free Consultation
Send us an inquiry and we will personally contact you within 24 hours to discuss your business needs.
2. Provide Solution
We will provide a solution for your business with prices and then wait for your approval.
3. Select a Candidate
We will select and present the most suitable candidates for your business.
Immediately, after selection, the chosen candidate is ready to work for you. All you have to do now is provide tasks and duties that the specialist can carry out for you.