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Every business encounters numerous challenges daily. One in particular and a pervasive problem is finding and implementing cost-efficient Administrative/HR/Management/Creative solutions without compromising quality.

Employing real people to carry out tasks is arguably the most expensive part of any business, and here is where you need to be creative.

Unfortunately, cheap solutions are hard to come by, and competent specialists do take a toll on your budget to maintain and provide for.

At Baltic Assist, we offer Graphic Designers for all purposes. We create your marketing concepts and all other communication material such as brochures and business cards. On top of that, we will offer you advice and the necessary web design and programming solutions.

We help your art, data, and business ideas connect to create meaningful experiences that strengthen your brand and encourage audiences to engage. 


Our Graphic Designers specialize in a significant amount of different fields:

  • Branding: We craft all of your branding assets for unmatched success.
  • Content Marketing: We provide skilled writers, designers, and strategists to create your own unique story.
  • Copywriting: We produce a print that signifies your brand.
  • Graphic Design: We create eye-catching and practical designs.
  • UI UX Design: We perfect the entire user experience.
  • Video Production: We produce exciting video content that is suitable for your focus audience. 
  • Web Design: We create web experiences that boost engagement.
  • Custom Projects: We find top-notch specialists specifically to meet your business needs!


Our key aim is to deliver eye-catching and effective designs. We create content that stands out, drives results, and creates a story. 

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Edvin Milos
Olga Grinko
Graphic Designer
Brigita Ryliškytė
Graphic Designer
84 hours per month
15.68 € / hour
  • From 1317 € per month
  • No additional costs
168 hours per month
11.79 € / hour
  • From 1980 € per month
  • No additional costs
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We will provide a solution for your business with prices and then wait for your approval.
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We will select and present the most suitable candidates for your business.
Immediately, after selection, the chosen candidate is ready to work for you. All you have to do now is provide tasks and duties that the specialist can carry out for you.