Pricing Virtual Employees

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a full-time virtual employee, an on-call part-time assistant, or a group of full-time administrators, we’ve got you covered.

Baltic Assist customers have successfully outsourced full-time, on-site employees in a wide range of capacities (customer support, compliance, data entry, research, and project assistance) for an affordable 1800 euros/month. When the entrepreneurs, investors, and SMEs we work with find themselves inundated with too many constant, labor-intensive tasks to focus on the big picture, we step in with a personalized part-time employee for just 1040 euros/month.

Many Scandinavian businesses have trusted Baltic Assist to keep their IT departments, market, and other research departments and customer services cores running smoothly, headache-free. A full-time team of three highly qualified employees can be yours for just 5400 euros per month – no additional costs!

84 hours per month
15.68 € / hour
  • From 1317 € per month
  • No additional costs
168 hours per month
11.79 € / hour
  • From 1980 € per month
  • No additional costs
Example of 4 FTEs
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