Hire Sales and Marketing Consultants

Our sales and marketing consultants can provide advice, guidance, and support to businesses or individuals in the required field. With us, you will get a tailored expert who is best suited for your business and industry. Baltic Assist representatives can offer a range of services, including sales training and coaching, market research and analysis, sales strategy development, sales process improvement, and customer relationship management.

Common focus areas
We can help your business increase its sales revenue by identifying opportunities for growth, developing effective sales strategies, and improving the overall sales process.
We can help your business improve customer satisfaction by analyzing customer feedback, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes to the sales process that address customer concerns.
We can provide sales training and coaching to help sales teams develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. This can include training on sales techniques, communication skills, and customer relationship management.
We can help your business conduct market research to identify new opportunities and stay up to date on industry trends. This can help the business stay ahead of its competitors and adapt to changing market conditions.
We can analyze your business sales processes and identify areas for improvement. This can include streamlining the sales process, improving the accuracy of sales forecasting, and implementing better sales reporting and analysis.
Part-time consultant
84 hours per month
30 €/hour
  • 2520 € per month
  • No additional costs
Full-time consultant
168 hours per month
25 €/hour
  • 4200 € per month
  • No additional costs
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Four step consulting approach
Situation analysis
Critically assessing the internal and external issues surrounding an organization that is undertaken due to a new project or task.
Seeking a hypothesis-driven approach to the issue and attempting to overcome it while focusing on the best assumption.
Strategic implementation usign a desgin approach and company models to build a workforce compatible with the plan.
Verification of necessary action steps forumulated by the team to finalize the correct approach.