Payment Processing Services

The accounts payable and receivable service is a valuable and vital asset for many businesses. Therefore, our financial experts’ team makes sure that no mistakes are made with the processing and deadlines of the bills.

Account Payable Services include:

  • Invoice Management — we make sure that all invoices, questions, and data between you and the client are fully taken care of and timely managed;
  • Reporting — we make sure that all financial reports are generated monthly, quarterly, and annually. Based upon request;
  • Recording — we secure all records of past transactions, invoices, payrolls, and other financial data.

Account Receivable Services include:

  • Debtors follow-ups — we take care of accounts and solicit payments on overdue debts. We arrange all documents needed to fix and post invoices and debit memos;
  • Banking — we take care of customer statements, bills, and invoices and reconcile expenses to our client’s entries;
  • Reporting — we ensure that reports are generated monthly, quarterly, and annually. It includes all previous payments received, along with the descriptions and amounts.
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Silvija Budrė
Julius Simonaitis
Gustė Statulevičiūtė
Junior Accountant
Team of Accountants
38€ / Hour
From 228€ / Month
  • Minimum 6 hr / month
  • No additional costs
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