Financial controlling / CFO

Our Controller and CFO Services allow you to understand the business’s financial part from all angles and touchpoints that might impact your bottom line and offer practical insights.

Baltic Assist Financial Controller Services go beyond processing and recording of your day-to-day transactions. We look into your financial books and issue meaningful reports. Afterward, we provide strategies and insights on optimizing your business workflows during the monthly meetings, reducing costs and the risk of fraud.


Baltic Assist CFO Services can help you by providing:

  • Cash Flow Control;
  • Business Plan Development;
  • Performance Dashboard Analysis and Reports;
  • Budgeting and Forecasting;
  • Pricing Models and Profitability Analysis;
  • Cost and Risk Management.
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Team members
Kristupas Binkys
Accounting Team Lead
A successful day is defined by improving processes, workflow, skillsets, or added value to customer’s or colleague’s life.
Natalija Litvinova
Finance Director
"I firmly believe, that having the right values, processes and management is the key to success."
Viktorija Vaznelienė
I called a successful day when at the end of the day I feel more experienced than in the morning.
Team of Accountants
35€ / Hour
From 210€ / Month
  • Minimum 6 hr / month
  • No additional costs
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