The Challenge

To be competitive in the global market, companies with international mindset are looking to have onshore/offshore teams in other countries, to be able to attract the brightest minds, build diverse teams and cut the costs. The challenge is usually the lack of time or the lack of resources to obtain the local market knowledge and deal with administrative (legal/finance) side of the new unit.

The Solution

Baltic Assist is a company that made a back office available for any size of business. We will identify your needs, create a project plan and implement it. You do not have to worry about recruitment, facilities, legal or the administrative side of your virtual team. It is all taken care of. Your journey in search of the best nearshoring partner is over. Let us hear your needs.

Customer service FTEs

Looking for additional employees to support your customer service operations? Great! Let us know more about the specific function and responsibilities, and we will make sure to match you with a resource that ambitious to work in this field long term.


Compliance FTEs

Usually, it is KYC/AML tasks, that are needed to be solved within the company. If there is a need to launch or expand your team, we will find you very analytical recruits, who will make sure that the company complies with all the necessary rules and regulations.

Sales/Marketing FTEs

We can facilitate great lead generators, hunters or senior business development executives, that will be a great asset generating new businesses. In addition to that, digital marketing specialists, social media managers and graphic designers can greatly improve your brand awareness.


There is a great range of IT specialists and professionals that support your new or existing projects. You can have remote Frond/Back-end, iOS, Android, JavaScript, PHP and other developers that are motivated by working with great teams and interesting projects.

More Than Virtual

Baltic Assist is located less than three hours from most business hubs in Europe. Our assistants can initially work from your location, participate in training sessions and get acquainted with your staff and business culture.

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