We take care of your company’s daily transaction recording in your chosen virtual accounting system. Baltic Assist maintains the Client’s books and records in accordance to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and local rules and regulations.


We assist companies in preparation of financial statements and management reports. Baltic Assist also liaises with external auditors providing the assistance, responds to inquiries of credit institutions and local tax authorities (SKAT).


Calculation of net payroll which includes wages, bonuses, allowances, etc. Baltic Assist can take care of submission of employer and employee taxes and provide payslips to the employees, including end of the year report.


We can prepare payments via your company’s banking platforms for further approval and execution. Our services include managing bank accounts operations and payments for the bank accounts. Taking care of the bank reconciliation.

Being customer focused and delivering high-quality accounting services are at the heart of what we do.


Finance is the largest BPO segment in Denmark, which represents 35% of total BPO in Denmark

Strategic Drivers for Danish companies to outsource finance and accounting:
  • Reduce costs 82%
  • Access to skills and resources 50%
  • Improving process performance and standartisation 32%
  • Focusing on core competences 16%
  • Enhancing flexibility 11%

Why choose Baltic Assist?

You will have a one point of contact to communicate about all your accounting queries.
Our response time to your queries is always instant.
You can trust your accounting to Baltic Assist which team is run by experienced senior professionals.
We are located just 1 hour away regarding both the time zone and the flight. We can always travel to the customer is our physical presence is required.
Being located in Lithuania, we are able to offer the best price on the Danish market.
One of the founders of the company is the former CEO of EY, Per Møller.

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