A Virtual Company

Our organisation uses technology to deploy your tasks remotely no matter where your business is located.

Cloud Software

Your Baltic assistant can engage with you on all major cloud-based business systems.

Generating Ideas

We not only perform your tasks. Our competent virtual assistants will always try to improve your processes and make your business more efficient.

Customer Service

Your Baltic assistants team provides excellent customer service. We are there when you need us.

Our Story


Baltic Assist was founded by Per Moller and Andzej Rynkevic.

Per Moller has served as the Managing Partner of EY both in the Baltics and Denmark.

Andzej Rynkevic has previously worked for Barclays Technology Centre in Lithuania.

I have been working in the Baltic States since the countries gained their independence. I have always been very impressed about the eagerness and quality of the students graduating from the universities of Lithuania. I believe that most businesses in Western Europe would see both significant benefits and cost savings from using Baltic staff for most administrative tasks.

Cloud-based technology now allows resource sharing to happen, and this is why we have created Baltic Assist.

I hope you will be as happy with your Baltic colleagues as I have been for more than 20 years.

Per Moller

Founder, Baltic Assist

I have always valued freedom in my life. I have met a dozen like-minded people and discovered the need for a more virtual business set up.

Working at Barclays I was wondering why should a Baltic back office operation only be available to multinational corporations. Seeing this business opportunity,  we decided to create a company with enthusiastic and experienced young professionals who support international businesses in any location.

A Baltic back office is now possible for any size of business.

Andzej Rynkevic

CEO, Baltic Assist


The best virtual assistants business in Europe

Our vision is to become the best virtual assistants company in Europe in the eyes of our customers and employees. We will ask for your feedback and evaluations and let you decide when our vision is achieved.


New standards in the virtual assistance industry

Our mission is to set new standards in the virtual assistance industry. The new higher standards will be at the core of everything that we will seek to achieve in the future.